My Story

Jan van Summeren

My name is Jan van Summeren, aka Janimal. At the age of 14 I began drawing and watercolouring. I paint both abstract and realistic using high quality acrylic paint.

In addition I focus on digitizing my artworks and photography. Sometimes I write texts to my artworks to express my inspiration.

I work intuitively and impulsively which results in energetic, swirling and colourful works of art.

Exhibiting was never my ambition, I mainly wanted to express myself through my paintings and take it out on a world that is often turned upside down. In 2020, on the advice of intimates, I decided to share my work with the outside world through a first exhibition of 32 works of art at the city hall of Waalwijk (The Netherlands).


Janimal is my artist name because I draw a lot of inspiration from the animals I share my daily life with. They are authentic and colourful, they live by the day and they offer distraction, comfort and cosiness. They expect nothing in return and they encourage movement.

Animals teach me to live in the Here and Now, in the present moment. Standing in front of a white canvas making a new start, taking a deep leap.

While painting I am often inspired by Lumi, a special tomcat that is even whiter than the canvas I am battling against.

In my creations I visualize the ever changing influences of moments, atmospheres, moods and emotions.

Old pent-up emotions of agression, fear and loneliness as well as feelings of boundless love and colorful joy are alternately present and characteristic of my artwork. Intensely coloured, sometimes timid but often also loud and turbulent.

My paintings are authentic and challenge the viewer’s imagination.

In my work, unique patterns are created that can be used for all kinds of textile work forms such as clothing or interiour decoration.

If requested, I create works of art that match with the spiritual vision or interior wishes of the client and I assist creating the abstract design hereof.

My motto: “I am almost always in a hurry and sometimes I stand still, awed into silence, when I have finished raging.”